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Doing It For George

It's A wonderful Life is one of the world's best-loved movies. It stars James Stewart as George Bailey, a small town good guy who grows up with dreams of seeing the world but who never leaves his hometown of Bedford Falls. When Robert David (Bob Maddams) had his own mid-life crisis at the same age as George does in the movie, he did what George never got the chance to do and bought a round the world airline ticket. His oddball odyssey took him across India, Thailand, Singapore, Hong King, Australia and the USA. Finally, he pitches up in the town that inspired the movie and calls itself "The Real Bedford Falls", where he meets Karolyn Grimes, the actress who played Zuzu, George's 6 year old daughter, in the film. 

Doing It For George is the hilarious account of an adventure of a lifetime, a journey to the heart of a Hollywood classic, and perhaps the longest advertisement for the benefits of travel insurance ever written.

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Lights Camera Jemuru

Robert David (Bob Maddams) quit a high-flying career in the world of advertising in London to go and teach in a back-street community film school in Addis Ababa. Lights Camera Jemuru is the remarkable story of the young Ethiopian filmmakers of Gem TV, and how their films transformed lives in Ethiopia. 

Lights Camera Jemuru is also a vibrant portrait of Ethiopia: a land of staggering natural beauty, diverse ethnic peoples, biblical history and ancient culture. Sometimes sad, often funny and always moving, it banishes the heart of darkness image of Africa and shows what young people all over the developing world can achieve if given the chance.

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