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Travel journalism for the silver traveller

Unlike most travel journalists who list countries as their areas of expertise, I specialise in writing for a certain type of individual, the silver traveller. 

Silver travellers are older, more life experienced  and certainly more discerning. What's more, they spend more on holidays and travel than any other group and take holidays more often. Naturally, in return, they expect high levels of comfort and service. 

So you're more likely to find silver travellers relaxing at an expensive resort, luxuriating on an upmarket cruise or dining at a starred restaurant. They're also curious, interested in history and culture, the great outdoors and are even prepared to rough it a little, so long as there's a glass of something well-chilled and refreshing to look forward to at the end of the day. 

Silver travellers don't want to read reams of purple prose, they demand travel journalism that helps them to make more informed decisions about where to go on holiday, accurately describes what they can expect when they get there, and reflects their more critical eye. 

It's a demanding readership but one I'm more than qualified to write for having written for the Times, the Guardian and the Daily Telegraph, as well as many other leading travel media brands. But most of all because it takes one to know one.

Silver travellers spend more on travel and holidays than any other group

Silver travellers have an eye for luxury and service, and aren't prepared to compromise

Silver travellers may be older but they haven't lost their sense of adventure

Silver travellers enjoy more exclusive escapes and destinations